Full service auto detailing

With auto detailing services ranging from a ‘Quick Wash and Wax’ to our full service ‘The Works’, we have a long track record of happy customers.  ‘The Works’ includes the following services; exterior wash, hand dry with microfiber or 100% cotton terrycloth towels, clean door jambs, clean wheels, polish or wax wheels, vacuum carpet, remove & shampoo all mats, shampoo carpets with dri-foaming shampoo, dri-foam shampoo seats or clean Leather seats, condition and protect all leather, clean with vinyl cleaner all door panels, clean with vinyl cleaner dash & vents & all cracks and crevasses, clean console and cup holders, interior vinyl & plastic are treated with a protectant, clean windows, exterior plastic and rubber are scrubbed clean. (If the surface is in bad shape, a hand applied “Clay Cleaning System” or polishing of the painted surfaces can be applied for an additional nominal charge). This is all followed by a Carnauba wax and include sun protectors which act as a sunscreen to further protect your vehicles finish for 6-12 months.

Routine scheduled maintenance at your home

Stay current with all of your vehicles routine scheduled maintenance without leaving your driveway.  Most people go to the trouble of dropping off their vehicle at a local garage or car dealership to have normal maintenance activity performed.  Why waste the time when Mobile Auto-Tech will come right to your home or office to perform those same tasks at a great price.  From oil changes and transmission filter/fluid replacement, to brake jobs and tune-ups and more, we make owning and maintaining your car more convenient than ever.  Give us a try, you and your vehicle will be glad you did!

Vintage cars; 1929 Willys-Knight

A rare one!  Willys-Knight is an automobile that was produced between 1914 and 1933 by the Willys-Overland Company of Toledo, Ohio.  Production began with a four-cylinder model which was priced in the $2,500 price range. The Willys-Knight employed a Knight sleeve valve engine, generally four- and six-cylinder models.  Willys-Knight production ended in November 1932.  See pictures under the photo gallery.