Full service auto detailing

With auto detailing services ranging from a ‘Quick Wash and Wax’ to our full service ‘The Works’, we have a long track record of happy customers.  ‘The Works’ includes the following services; exterior wash, hand dry with microfiber or 100% cotton terrycloth towels, clean door jambs, clean wheels, polish or wax wheels, vacuum carpet, remove & shampoo all mats, shampoo carpets with dri-foaming shampoo, dri-foam shampoo seats or clean Leather seats, condition and protect all leather, clean with vinyl cleaner all door panels, clean with vinyl cleaner dash & vents & all cracks and crevasses, clean console and cup holders, interior vinyl & plastic are treated with a protectant, clean windows, exterior plastic and rubber are scrubbed clean. (If the surface is in bad shape, a hand applied “Clay Cleaning System” or polishing of the painted surfaces can be applied for an additional nominal charge). This is all followed by a Carnauba wax and include sun protectors which act as a sunscreen to further protect your vehicles finish for 6-12 months.